Welcome to Mantiques

It may sound a little sexist to label certain antiques and collectibles "mantiques", but there are certain items we find that are predominantly collected by the 'manly' men across the world.

We don't mean so say that there aren't ladies out there who are passionate about these things (our wives love them), there quite certainly are since it's a big antiques world and we have found a happy medium.

But by and large it's mostly men collecting what we can group under the umbrella of "mantiques." Please browse our ever-changing finds . . . and remember, we are always finding new and amazing things.

We have a passion for good'ole
'Made in America' vintage items.

manmadeWe take pride in searching old yards and barns . . . in every inhouse, outhouse, shed and shack across the states to bring old American items back to life.

We appreciate the creativity and hard work that went into making these original items and simply bring them back to life for you to enjoy.

We know you men will love them . . . and we think the wives will as well . . . our's do!!

Featured Mantiques